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One may choose to do a home inspection when buying or selling a house.

If you are selling a house, advantages of doing a pre-listing inspection is being aware of where your house stands in the market and prepares you to sell your house faster.

If you are buying a house, advantages of doing a final listing inspection is being aware of the problematic areas and that whether you need to prepare for any future expenses.

One may also choose to do limited / mold inspections when taking care of the house or resolving any issues.

These type of inspections help you to know the depth of the maintenance or repair needed so that you can spend wisely. 

Either way a house is a big investment and its always a good idea to be smart about finances when it comes to selling, buying or even maintaining the house!


For pre and final listing inspections, the prices will vary based on square footage and/or age of the house.

For limited / mold inspections, the prices will vary based on the depth of your selection. 

Testing is always at additional charges and prices vary depending on how many samples/areas need to be tested. 

Sometimes we may have seasonal discounts for inspections and /or sometimes we may end up giving you free consulting.


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At UNCAPPED we don't stop learning, we don't stop improving and our certification is not a one-time acquirement.

Our potential is UNCAPPED meaning "no limitations", so in a way we are continuously evolving to not only maintain our certification but also to serve and educate our customers.

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At UNCAPPED our technology and software program is advanced and user friendly.

Once you choose the type of inspection you want, a Contract Agreement link will be send to you to read and accept electronically. 

Once accepted, Invoice / Receipt is issued electronically and Inspection is performed on the scheduled date.

The Inspection Full Report and Summary are issued the following day which you can access both electronically and in PDF format. 

We also do follow up(s) to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.


No more hassles of paperwork as everything is accessible electronically and at your fingertips!


At UNCAPPED we value the needs of our customers, and hence our tagline focuses on..

"Your Home's Need Is Our Top Priority!"


Customer Feedback is very important to us.

So far we have received so many great responses in person that has motivated us to to keep going and do even better.

For Inspections, we have received the following highlighted feedback, but not limited to:


"Inspection Report is well structured, thorough and easy to follow and understand"

"Ryan and Shruti are approachable, easy to talk to, easy to understand and that both male and female involvement is really helpful"

"Well diverse team, their handyman and micro backgrounds have been very beneficial for recommendations and getting our house ready for the market"


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